Designing my own Web Page

Are you interested in learning how to design your own unique web page? With the new updated software, designing my own web page was very simple and took little effort. Creating your own web page is an exciting way to let the world know who you are. No need to use public services such as Facebook and MySpace when you can quickly design a unique page that is all about you and created by you. Other people design web pages as a fan page for certain entertainers or teams they want to support. Furthermore, business owners and sales associates may create their own pages to sell products or promote their business. 

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Unleash the virtuoso within you.

To start a web page on your own, you must know what you are looking for. Browse many different websites and decide what you like and dislike about the sites. Look for the different color and text options, as well as the different designs. Jot down which ones impress you. It is a good idea to get a pad of paper and a pen and plan out exactly how you would like your page to be. Do you want a historical looking old-time font, or do you prefer something cursive and classy? Or is your page a fun page about yourself, and you would like to use the casual font? Also, decide what colors are best for you. If you promote a child daycare, you may choose bright and fun colors such as orange, green, and yellow. The options are numerous; make this an exciting and fun activity. 

You will need to determine what photos or images you will be using on your personal web page. Include these on your pad of paper to design your page. However, keep in mind that too many large images may drastically slow down a viewer’s computer to the point that they will not want to view your page. If it takes too long, they will get bored and tired of waiting and closing out of the page. This is not an ideal situation to attract viewers. 

Keep photos exciting and relevant, as well as at a minimum. Viewers want to see images that stand out and catch their attention. For example, if you are promoting a baseball team, have your page designed with bats, balls, and gloves. You can find many free clip art pictures that are available for use by visiting outside online sources. When you visit one of these sights, you will save the selected photos to your computer for use when you are ready. Explore your options and make sure your page is astonishing. 

The next step that you will take is to decide what information you will use on your page. Once again, take out your pad of paper and jot down all of the desired information. It is important to plan this entire process before opening your software to create your paper promptly. You mustn’t make your paragraphs long and boring. If the paragraphs are too lengthy, it turns the customer away from the page, and they will not want to take the time to read it.

If you must use long paragraphs, you must break them up into smaller paragraphs to make them easier for the visitor to read. Another idea is to add links onto your page that a person can click on to read that particular piece of information. This information includes basically anything that you prefer the visitor to know about you. There are so many options available for creating your own page. Make the information exciting and interesting to spark the attention of viewers who are simply browsing the internet.

The next thing you need to do to create your page is to obtain webspace. Depending on the situation and why you are creating the page, you may use free webspace from your employer or school. Some businesses also offer low-cost web space to assist you. If you do not mind internet ads on the sides of your page, you should consider using Yahoo or GeoCities, among other commercial companies. These companies will offer you free service for your web page if you agree to have their advertising banners on your page. This situation is taken advantage of very often, and you will notice many pages the same as you browse the internet. 

There is a lot of software available for you to purchase if you are unfamiliar with HTML and codes. Software made designing my web page a blast. When you use the software, it will assist you with every possible option to create your page. Software for designing your web page takes you through a step by step process of exactly what you need to enter and where it should be entered. This way is far more popular and easy than designing an HTML page from scratch. Software is affordable, reliable, and will fit into anyone’s budget. After obtaining space, you will need to insert your software disc to proceed. 

The other option for creating a page is to use HTML codes. This way takes a lot longer than simply putting in a disc and being guided. You have to follow a specific set of rules and codes for this procedure to work. To prepare your HTML document, you should first create a fold to place on the desktop to hold all relevant information. This is where you will store related documents, information, images, and photos.

Next, open up one of the word processors on your computer. Most computers come equipped with some word processor or text editor. After opening the document, you need to name and save it. This is a recommended procedure always to find your information when you are ready to use or edit it. Also, every time you close your document after making changes, it is important that you remember to hit save again to save the new and updated information. 

Next, open up one of the word processors on your computer. Most computers come equipped with some word processor or text editor. After opening the document, you need to name and save it. This is a recommended procedure always to find your information when you are ready to use or edit it. Also, every time you close your document after making changes, it is important that you remember to hit save again to save the new and updated information. 

The way to save your document is to click on “File” and then select the option “Save As.” Now enter the name that you wish for your file to be called. Never enter any spaces, and only pick numbers and letters. The letters should all run together, even if it is actually two separate words. Many people choose to enter their names or something easy that they will not forget. Also, for an HTML document, you must ensure that HTML is added to the end of the file’s name. This enables your computer to understand what type of file it is working with. 

Basic Steps For Creating an HTML page:

• Begin by creating an HTML tag such as this; < HTML>. 

• Now create a tag for the header which will look like this; < HEAD>. 

• Next, create the title that will be inside your header. You will do this by writing < TITLE> Your Actual Title Here < /TITLE>. Not that anytime you are closing a section out, it will be the same way you started the section; however, you will add a slash. 

• Now you will need to close the header that you have created by using this tag; .

• Now that you have created your header, it is time to add a body to your web page. The body is where you will add all of your text, information, photos, and images. You will start your body using this tag, and end the body like this; 

• Now, you will close out the HTML document that you have created by using the following tag; 

When your document is complete, it will look like this:



< TITLE> Your Title Here < /TITLE>

< /HEAD>

< BODY> (Information, Images, Photos, and Text)

< /HTML>

Be sure not to include any spaces when typing the above information.

Now you should add additional paragraphs to your page by using this tag; < P>. This lets your computer know that you are entering a paragraph. It is a good idea to enter welcome information in your first paragraph. This is a way to introduce yourself and your page to visitors. Furthermore, to enter subheadings, you will need to open and close your subheadings like this; < H2> Your Subheading < /H2>. You can continue to add as many paragraphs and additional headings that you prefer to make your page unique. 

Next, you need to go back and select where you would like to enter photos and images. Photos must first be saved to your computer in a .gif format. Then you can choose where you are placing them and add them to your page in this form < IMG SRC = “your picture here .gif” >. Use as many pictures as you prefer in the body of your web page. When your page loads properly, the image will be loaded in your browser. Please be sure not to use any copyrighted material and always ask permission from the owner of the photo or image before using it.

Now you are ready to view your new page and see how it looks on your browser. Using Mozilla Firefox, you will need to determine which browser option is best for you. There are three possible ways that your browser may work depending on your programs. 

  •  First of all, you should go to the “File” tab and find the name of the document you created. Click “Ok,” and you will be able to view your page in the form of a web page. 
  •  If this option does not work, go to your tools tab and select the “Internet Options” button. Now find the “General” tab on the “Home Page” box. From there, you will select “Use Blank.” 
  • Finally, if that option does not work for your computer, you will need to find your “Tools” menu again; however, from “Tools,” you will go to “Options.” You will select the Main tab in your Start-Up options and choose “Show a Blank Page.”

One of these options should work to view your new web page using Firefox. Look over the page well and check for errors. Make sure that everything is the way you prefer, and then save any changes that you make.

Now it is time to publish your page to the web using a method called FTP. FTP stands for “File Transfer Protocol,” which is a free program included on many computers. If your computer is not equipped with this program, you can go to a share site such as and upload FTP. 

Now you need to run WS_FTP. A window called Sessions Profile should appear. If it does not load by chance, you should click “Connect,” then “New,” and name the profile. When asked to enter your user ID, your email will be the prefix, everything before the symbol @. Next, you will be asked to enter information on the second line. Your information will look like this: C: WINDOWSDesktopDirectoryName. To upload, you will need to save the files and then click the “OK” option. Two windows will appear, and you will need to select which files you wish to transfer. After each file, you will be given the option to change the name. You will either select yes or no and then your file will start transferring afterward. When all files are transferred, you will then be able to look at your page on the internet. It will be available to everyone just as you intended.

Whether you choose to make your own page using HTML codes or buy a software program for your computer, designing your web page is an exciting process. Create a page that stands out to the world. By following the above steps, your page will be ready for the world to view right away.